The Ultimate Foot Stompin Bass Porchboard Percussion Pedal and more...

Since 2002... THIS Drummer
has always been IN TIME WITH YOU

WHY FOOTBASS? After playing a cigar box, the Shadow Stompin' Bass, the Ellis percussion box, the Porchboard, and the Wazinator, I was still slightly unsatisfied. I decided to take my years of experience in designing custom equipment as a touring professional and go to work on the ultimate stomping pad. Our indestructible metal case won't break, crack, or warp from moisture, contains two outputs, and includes a custom designed high-output hum-resistant pickup. No battery is required. If you ever had a jack fail during a show... you know why we give you two output jacks. You can also use these jacks as dual outputs to a mixer and to an additional amp if you like. We use only top quality Switchraft plugs to assure a long life. You re going to love your new drummer! He always plays in time with you. DID YOU NOTICE OUR 100% GREAT FEEDBACK RATING ON EBAY? We hope you did.

Given a little time and reverse engineering, the improvements made by the FOOTBASS will most assuredly be added to the other companies line up. That is how the system usually works. But for now, we give you exclusively the incredible... indestructible... FOOTBASS!

Please see our YouTube video describing what we know to be the best all around Rhythm/Bass percussion device you can buy!

The 2016 models come in a new really cool Gold with Red printing (similar to those  shown to the left).  Footbass units are available in any color you choose.

SPECIAL $99 DOLLAR DEAL on a new FOOTBASS from our discontinued custom color or experimental color stock! If you don't mind a unique color, you can get a great deal when we have them available. Any questions email us a  We have some really cool experimental gold tones in stock right now! BUY IT NOW BY CLICKING THE PAYPAL LINK...

CHECK OUT OUR YouTube DEMO VIDEO TODAY! Just [search] for [FOOTBASS Ultimate Indestructible Foot Stompin Bass Porchboard Percussion Pedal] or click the link below...
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Artist Reference:
(Just got word from Phil Zach of REMEDY DRIVE. The fOOTBASS was used on their latest Single "SPEAK TO ME" ... Phil also recorded every drum track for another song using the footbass and a Korg Kaos pad.)

Endorsed by:
MERCY ME guitarist Mike Scheuchzer
REMEDY DRIVE Bassist Phil Zach
NEW LAND Music Artist Joe Gavin
KERI JOBE Guitarist Dave Nowak
& the list is getting bigger every week...

You can own the best FOOTBASS on the market for only $289.00 in your choice of color options above. We often have them available on Ebay, and you can also email us directly and we will send you a PayPal invoice. Send your request to and we will respond with a a PayPal invoice.

Plug it into a P.A., Bass amp, sub-woofer, loop station, or recording board and get creative! Drum with it, tap it with your finger or a stick or ring, listen to the versatility of sounds. This is not a sample... it a is an acoustic musical instrument and it sounds great!

FYI: FOOTBASS is often called a cigar foot Texas stompbox, ellis box pedal, porchboard cajon, stomp board, foot stompbox, Wazinator Wuzinator percussion box, Stompin foot stompbox, rhythm box, hand drum, bass drum, bass drum pedal, hand pedal, beat box, timber stompbox, foot stompbox, percussion instrument. Whatever you call it... it is really just a footbass... but if it isn't a genuine FOOTBASS... it is just a what-ever-ya-call-it.

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INSTALLING ANY FOOTBASS T-SHIRT: Place head through the larger center hole with the tag toward the back of your neck. Now place each arm (hands first or you could hurt yourself) simultaneously through the corresponding holes. If you make a mistake please start again. In case of emergency please call 911.
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